Officer Roles and Responsibilies


Board of Director Level Positions:

President:   ( BOARD Level Position)

  • To start, preside over and adjourn the meetings;
To run/organize the board of directors meetings ;
  • To oversee any business, make announcements at the business mixers, generally represent the organization externally


Vice President:  (BOARD Level Position)

  • To run the meeting if the President is absent;
To present committee reports at the meetings;


Treasurer:  (BOARD Level Position)

  • To take minutes at the Board of Director’s meeting;
  • To pay for breakfast each week;
  • To collect and deposit breakfast dues;
To maintain and balance the group’s checkbook;
To work with the social chairperson and pay for nightly mixers (food, etc.);
To report financial status weekly during committee reports;
To provide a written report of the Network’s financial status at each monthly board meeting.


Membership / Marketing Committee Director:   (BOARD Level Position)

  • To make recommendations to the B.O.D. on ideas for growth;
  • Report any variance from requirements at each board meeting with attendance based on the Sgt. at Arms Report
To call all guests within 2 business days of them attending a meeting;
  • To send out warnings or termination letters that the board determines need to be sent (based upon review of reported and recorded data and metrics);
  • Meets with all new members to discuss ways on giving and receiving good leads and bringing guests to meetings;
  • Keeps a written log of the speakers for the weekly meetings at least 2 months in advance. (Done with Webmaster / President)
  • Distributes Speaker List to all members and Webmaster, new members are put into the rotation at the next available opening;
  • Reminds speakers / presenters on the Monday or Tuesday prior to the weekly meeting to prepare their presentations.


Non Board Positions – Appointed by the Board of Directors  (non-elected)


  • To bring meetings to order at 7:45 a.m.
  • To monitor and inform the speakers of their time allotments during their presentations / keep meeting on track;
  • Tracks Meeting Attendance / One : Ones Performed / Speaker Absences and prepares a monthly report for Board Review
  • Keeps meeting in order / stops filibustering or any one individual from dominating a discussion in a civil and respectful manner


  • To collect and track all written lead referrals at each meeting;
  • Create a written report for the V.P.  to present at the weekly meetings;
  • Assist and work with officers with documentation as necessary;

Social Event Committee Director: 

  • To plan, coordinate and implement ideas on locations, menus, etc. for the social events and recommend to the board these plans at least 6 weeks in advance of any social event.
  • To work with the Membership / Marketing director and sub-committee on planning marketing events and strategy.
  • To coordinate the planning and execution of the social event.
  • To work with Webmaster to ensure Event Planning is updated on website.


  • Maintain Edge Networking Group website
  • Work with all committees to update website information
  • Participate in any Marketing / Communication discussion by the Board.



Last Revision: March 2015 - Board Meeting